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The Art course

The Parcours des Arts (Artistic course) is a real open air museum, including monumental sculptures. It's a real championship course with seven ponds and atypical bunkers. It's a natural and protected area where swans and migratory birds found their shelter. It's a perfect place to express any talents.

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The Pond course

The “Parcours des Étangs” (Pond course) is a 9-hole course, ideal for learning or training. Apparently easy, the level of difficulty of this course is the same of a championship course. In a slalom among ponds, rigor and accuracy are required to reach greens. Disorientation is guaranteed...

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The Star course

At night, the Parcours des Étoiles (Star course) is enlighted to provide new feelings. This opportunity to play golf by night is unique in Europe. Playing golf at night is a completely new experience you can share with your friends, living great moments of fun or friendly competition. Visual and sound environments are completely different... sounds can make you dream… It’s another world, the Amirauté Golf world.

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