Amazing Normandy Tour

From 9th to 13th April, between 5 and 7 international students in Normandy will be visiting some incredible places, experiencing some breath-taking moments, meeting some unusual talents and sharing their vision of Normandy… as you’ve never seen it before !

Every year, more than 10 000 international students choose Normandy for their studies, with nearly 70 different nationalities represented on the benches of the Norman universities and business schools. Morocco, Algeria, China, India, the US, Russia, Spain, Brazil, Korea, the UK - the list goes on. All of them highlight the beauty of the countryside, the culture, the culinary experience, and - of course - the welcome from the Norman people!

Because it’s up to the Norman people to play their ace card and make these students want to stay, to come back or to suggest to their friends and family to come and visit. At such, the Agence Normandie Attractivité is picking up the gauntlet and launching the Amazing Normandy Tour competition.

A competition devoted to international students in Normandy

From 9th to 13th April, between 5 and 7 international students will be embarking on a Tour of Normandy the likes of which not even the Normans have seen before. Incredible places, innovative experiences, gems and much more. During 5 days, across their social networks - as well as those of Normandie Attractivité - these young people will share their exceptional voyage and their encounters with local ambassadors with their communities across the whole world.

In order to choose these adventurers 2.0, Normandie Attractivité will be opening a registration platform from 14th January onwards. Students will have until 17th February to complete their registration pack, including a presentational video.

Registration platform