August 16, 2022

Ama, cuisine from the heart, family and the world

Véronique, a unique figure in Deauville, originally from Paris, moved to Deauville when her youngest son was born to lead a peaceful life and raise her children in a heavenly environment. While she was looking for a professional activity compatible with her life as a mother, she came up with the idea of ​​creating "La Maison", a shop in her own house, where she sells what she likes, without worrying about trends, inspiring beautiful materials, travels... Success is there, La Maison, a famous boutique in Deauville. 23 years later, Véronique breathes new life into "her life as a grandmother" as she puts it, and imagines a restaurant-boutique concept on the Presqu'île. Ama is born. 

Veronique and Paola


Ama, who is it? Ama alias Véronique is her grandmother's name, which means "mom" in Indian. After the House, shop dedicated to decorative items, crockery, jewelry, and small gifts; Ama offers a new horizon with a shop where the space is arranged for furniture. Another big change, which has always been on her mind: cooking. Raised by her great-grandmother, her grandmother and her mother, all three great cooks, Véronique continues the family tradition with Ama. The creation of this new place comes after the disappearance of "Amé", his great-grandmother, who spent her days behind the stove. 
What does Ama offer? A new atmosphere, more focused on furniture - rugs, sofas, small pieces of furniture, lighting - but also a cuisine from the heart, from the family and from the world. In the kitchen, Javad, a 38-year-old Iranian refugee, formerly an architect, wants to share his culinary culture. He teamed up with Paola, Véronique's daughter, originally a graphic designer, who left Paris to devote herself to this lovely project. 
A subtle, fresh cuisine, full of aromas, spices and different aromatic herbs. The wines are biodynamic. The menu changes once a week, with fresh products, mixed boards (Waygu, Galicia...). Nothing is left to chance ! 
His business is? Her identity, her choices, she never lets herself be influenced by fashion, everything is offered with her heart and her desires. 
His crush? "The creators of love" of her kitchen - Paola and Javad - she says with stars in her eyes. 

Tasty world cuisine
On the terrace, a long table to share


The menu varies between 5 and 25 euros, starters, desserts, salads, fresh fish... 
Open Thursday to Monday from 10 a.m. to 22:30 p.m. 
17 Empress Eugenie Quay, 14800 Deauville
06 50 09 31 45




Empress Eugenie quay
06 50 09 31 45
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