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Situated in the heart of Deauville, the Deauville-La Touques racecourse was already included in the urban plan conceived in 1860. It was designed by the architect Saint-Germain – author of the Vincennes racecourse too – and built on drained marshes, like Deauville. It was inaugurated on August 28th 1864 by the duke of Morny.

From the end of the XIX century up to now, the Deauville-La Touques racecourse has been repeatedly redesigned. In 1880 the weighing section was built, in 1919 the stands of the Second French Empire were completely renovated under the initiative of the Count Jacques Le Marois (capacity: 2,000 people). In 1921, the "Société d’Encouragement" bought some lands to the south of the racecourse and settled some stables designed by Charles Adda. At the end of October 1991, two additional racing meetings were organized: the first autumn meeting was born. A 2,000-m-long sand track (with rubber fibres) was opened on July 6th 2003. Suitable for training and races under all atmospheric conditions, even at winter, it helps preserving the grass track. In December 2003, a meeting including December and January competitions was organized for the first time.

Stéphane Wattel

"Deauville has a key role in gallop races. The calendar of horse races offered by the Deauville-La Touques racecourse, spread throughout the year, includes several racing opportunities for horses trained there."

Stéphane Wattel Racehorse trainer in Deauville

With an area of 75 hectares – including 20 hectares of tracks – and a reception capacity of 10,000 people (2,000 seats in the stands), Deauville-La Touques has three different tracks: two turf tracks and a sand-fibre track. Turf tracks are 1,600-m- (straight track) and 2,200-m- (circular track) long. The sand-fibre track is 2,100-m-long. At the centre of the racecourse: three polo fields host the famous Lucien Barrière Deauville Polo Cup tournament.

On the remaining 55 hectares of the hippodrome, Deauville-La Touques developed a large area, including services available to everybody: a “reception-information” stand proposing binocular rental, a boutique, a game area, an “introduction to betting” stand and restoration services provided in 4 different venues.

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