March 30, 2020

Do you like Brahm's

immerses you in the world of Françoise Sagan

Love Yourself Brahm's - filming - Hotel Royal view by Yul Brynner
On the set, Yul Brynner as neighbor and friend of Anatole Litvak immortalizes this scene in front of the Royal Hotel Yul Brynner

It is a luxurious Franco-American co-production that invests Deauville in 1960 for the adaptation of Françoise Sagan's fourth novel. This film, a bittersweet comedy, is the second adaptation of a novel by Françoise Sagan after Bonjour tristesse directed by Otto Preminger with Jean Seberg. Do you like Brahms ... marks Françoise Sagan's new attachment to the Côte Fleurie to the detriment of Saint-Tropez. Anatole Litvak's film is also marked by the symbols dearest to Françoise Sagan: dance halls, chic brasseries, convertible sports cars and gaming tables. In the film, at the Deauville casino, we see the young blonde mistress of Montand wondering which number should she play. A nod to the famous story that will anchor the jet-set novelist in Normandy. On August 8, 1959, at the Deauville casino, Françoise Sagan played the 8 which brought her 8 million old francs, returned in the early morning to the manor of Breuil in Equemauville which she rented for the summer and which she bought back thanks to her gain from gambling. The anecdote will be filmed in Sagan, the biopic directed on the writer in 2008 by Diane Kurys which includes several scenes shot in Deauville, testifying to the importance of the seaside resort in the life of the novelist.
Françoise Sagan, who did not participate in the script, has always defended Anatole Litvak's film. On the other hand, Ingrid Bergman will be more severe as she was elsewhere throughout her career, believing that the novel by Françoise Sagan, if it had a real atmosphere, lacked movement.

Yul Brynner as a still photographer

In the film, there are a few minutes left mainly with Yves Montand at the casino and the Royal Hotel. The two other main actors, Ingrid Bergman and Anthony Perkins do not appear in the Deauville scenes. On the other hand, Yul Brynner, not credited in the credits, makes a cameo in this film directed by his friend Anatole Litvak. In fact, Yul Brynner came as a neighbor on the plateau because he lives nearby in Bonnebosq where he acquired the Criqueboeuf manor. Passionate about photography, Yul Brynner immortalized a film scene where revelers aboard a convertible limousine passed in front of the Royal hotel. During this filming in Deauville, Yul Brynner will also take some photos of Anatole Litvak and Françoise Sagan in the boxes of the Touques racecourse.


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Do you like Brahm's

Direction: Anatole Litvak after the novel by Françoise Sagan.
Scenario: Samuel A. Taylor.
Costumes: Christian Dior.
Music: Georges Auric.
The film was released on May 24, 1961 at the same time as its presentation in the official selection at the Cannes festival. Anthony Perkins will receive the Interpretation Prize there.
In the main roles: Ingrid Bergman, Yves Montand, Anthony Perkins, Michèle Mercier ...
Many personalities appear in the film out of friendship: Yul Brynner, Sacha Distel, Jean-Pierre Cassel and Françoise Sagan.

Do you like Brahm's - the poster

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