Revealed by "A man and a woman"

Daughter of comedian Geneviève Sorya, Anouk Aimée started acting at the age of 14. She acquired notoriety thanks to Jacques Prévert who wrote a role just for her in "The lovers of Verona", a movie directed by Cayatte. Fellini and Jacques Demy offered her many first roles. Claude Lelouch, shooting A man and a woman in Deauville, created a cinematographic couple, composed of her and Jean-Louis Trintignant, which became mythical across the world. Her notoriety gave her an international career with George Cukor, Robert Altman and Sydney Lumet.

She was rewarded with a Best Actress award in 1980 at the Cannes Festival for her role in Marco Bellochio’s "A leap in the dark", an honor Cesar in 2002 and a Golden Bear, signing an impressive trajectory. Anouk Aimée, as an icon of the new wave era, remains timeless.