Invited to the Books & Music Festival 2017

Still unknown some months ago, AeroBrasil raised the interest of professionals, and started to be considered one of the most promising groups after participating to two crucial concerts at the beginning of 2017. AeroBrasil was born in 2016 from the need to create and this element remained essential in the identity and working method of the group.
At the beginning, it was just a temporary project aimed at filling a one hour and a half gap in a concert in Bruxelles. Long-standing partners, Vincent (guitars, keyboards) and Sidoine (drum), mounted in four days an electronic set that marked the public. Before this striking experience, these two musicians used to follow their friends in other less personal musical projects. Plenty of encouragement gave them trust and urge to continue.
This duo faces the stage in all humility, with nerves and adrenaline, as trying to find a dialogue between old and new devices is a real technological challenge. Risk taking is real, concentration and hyper-vigilance necessary. The public feels its vulnerability and uses the proximity with the musicians as an opportunity to enjoy this risky performance. It is difficult to shake the codes of electronic music, but AeroBrasil tries to stand out. The group gives a prominent place to the form of these pieces, the instrumental execution, the search for timbres, and sound density.
Things go fast and AeroBrasil is working on the release of an EP for spring, before promoting its project at the Printemps de Bourges, then that of Beauregard.

Laureate Tremplin Beauregard 2017
Laureate Inouïs du Printemps de Bourges 2017