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The Yoga Club at the Cures Marines Trouville Thalasso & Spa Hotel


Boulevard Cahotte


Tel. : 02-31




Woman's Yoga is a complete yoga which helps each woman to find balance in her life but also to find the way to her femininity. Deep relaxation practice combining yin yoga postures, stretching and alignment exercises as well as learning breathing techniques. Three qualified coaches are present to give three different Yoga classes:

HATHA YOGA: Root of traditional Indian yoga, Hatha Yoga establishes a basic foundation including postures, breathing and meditation.

VINYASA YOGA: Traditional practice of dynamic synchronization of movements on the breath. Unlike Ashtanga, Vinyasa yoga is more free and creative because the series of postures are not imposed.
Duration: 1 hour.

SOFT YOGA: Soft and deep practice dedicated to women who combine hormone yoga, yin yoga, facial yoga, postures and breathing techniques.

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