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Monday : 09: 00 à 20: 30

Tuesday : 09: 00 à 20: 30

Wednesday : 09: 00 à 20: 30

Thursday : 09: 00 à 20: 30

Friday : 09: 00 à 20: 30

On Saturday: 09: 00 à 20: 30

Sunday: 09: 00 à 20: 30

Drawing its origins in Spain, Caycedian relaxation therapy has existed since 1960. Created by Alfonso Caycedo, surgeon and neuropsychiatrist, this technique is inspired by the methods of meditation, yoga and Western relaxation. The goal: to be more aware of yourself, your feelings and the relationships between body and mind. Sophrology provides mental, muscular and emotional relaxation and thus helps to better manage stress, regain self-confidence and sleep better.

The sessions, whether collective or individual, are taught by Anne Gaston-Carrère, sophrologist and hypnotherapist. We work there with our eyes closed, in a sitting or standing position, in comfortable clothing and in a peaceful environment. The regular practice of Caycedian relaxation therapy with a professional allows everyone to optimize their abilities and efficiency on a daily basis.

Group lessons take place on Mondays from 18 p.m. to 19 p.m. at the Maison des Loisirs, Rue des Ormes, 15 BENERVILLE-SUR-MER. Compulsory annual subscription to be paid to the Leisure & Culture Association to participate in group lessons.

Duration: 1h-1h15.

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