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Qi Gong course with the Qi Gong association for women

Fresh energy class, Fitness

The Villare
Du General de Gaulle street 26





On Saturday: 11: 00 à 12: 00

On Saturday: 11: 00 à 12: 00

On Saturday: 11: 00 à 12: 00

On Saturday: 11: 00 à 12: 00

Qi Gong lessons are animated by video by Dr Martine Depondt-Gadet and Valérie Spindler every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Registration required by text message with the president of the association Dr Martine Depondt-Gadet at 06 09 43 85 06. The conscientious participation requested is a donation for an association of your choice for animal aid.

Qi Gong is a path to personal fulfillment, which allows you to reconnect with your own healing resources. By simple, easy movements, quickly assimilated, Qi Gong helps to separate emotional layers to get to the point.
On the course program: slow motion movements, awareness of the breath, visualization and meditation to circulate energy. In the transmission of the teachings, priority is given to the exploration of Yin energy, source of calm and fluidity, the foundation of the entire deployment of Yang activity, Yin potential not yet manifested.

Duration: 1 hour.

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