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Land Art: Create with nature

Graves Beach





Aug 12, 2020


Wednesday : 10: 00 à 13: 00

Artists have always looked at the landscape. They drew it, painted it, photographed it, interpreted it.
In the sixties, a new trend appeared: LAND ART: nature is no longer only represented, it is at the heart of it that creators work, using directly the materials it offers and which constitute it. : wood, stones, sand, water, rocks, clays, etc ... and by creating ephemeral works by nature since erosion, wind, tides, disperse or transform them.
Only photos or videos keep track of it.

The Villerville landscape lends itself particularly well to this practice: Graves beach, with its outcropping rocks, shuffled shells, driftwood, loose clay and gushing springs, is a real open-air workshop, an invitation to create . Observe the place, leave a trace, sculpt the clay, offer new leaves to a dead wood, align shells which become a mosaic, but also, why not, make an observation drawing ... Everyone will find their own inspiration on site , within the group and with advice for each of Emmanuelle Mellot Kristy, artist based in Villerville.

Provide a bucket or a large bag, an outfit suitable for beach games, hat, protective sunscreen, water.

Limited number of places, reservation required.

LAND ART credit Emmanuelle Mellot-Kristy Emmanuelle Mellot-Kristy

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