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Combine kayak and fitness with Concept Sport Emotion

Sea kayaking, Fitness

The beach






On reservation

Thursday : 14: 30 à 16: 30

Sunday: 10: 00 à 12: 00

Fitness kayaking is a very complete sport that combines water sport and physical activity. It improves your general physical condition but also your mental condition. It is a good alternative to traditional sport because it is an endurance sport, which is practiced in the open air and which therefore allows you to enjoy nature, fresh air and the sun. The fitness kayak also allows you to relax in contact with the flora and fauna.

This activity can be practiced at all ages. For adults, fitness kayaking will make it possible to diversify sports practices and to alternate with running, walking ... It will also give the possibility of creating new social ties during club practice. For seniors, the practice of fitness kayaking is an opportunity to practice a physical activity that is not traumatic for the body, especially for the knees and hips.

This activity is scheduled according to weather conditions.

Group limited to 10 people maximum per session.

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