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Self-guided tour of the Paleospace

The Paléospace - Musée de France
5 avenue Jean Moulin


Spoken languages) :

  • English
  • German

Services / equipment:

  • Disabled toilet





Live the experience of Normandy in the Jurassic in a truly surprising scenography: fossils, reconstructions, exhibition and interactive games.
160 million years ago, the sea completely covered Normandy, subsequently forming the cliffs of the Black Cow. Many fossils have been discovered there, including ammonites, crocodiles, marine reptiles and dinosaurs.
Villers-sur-Mer being the entry point of the Greenwich Meridian in continental Europe. The museum also has a room which is entirely dedicated to it. Prepare for the quest for longitude!

Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.
Possibility of tickets coupled with the Planetarium: see below on the page dedicated to the Paléospace.

Paleospace-room-dinosaurs-2 Patrice Le Bris

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