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Guided tour of the exhibition "Masters of color in the XNUMXth century"

The Franciscans - Deauville
145B avenue de la République





Tuesday : 14: 30 à 15: 30

Wednesday : 14: 30 à 15: 30

Thursday : 14: 30 à 15: 30

Friday : 14: 30 à 15: 30

On Saturday: 14: 30 à 15: 30

Sunday: 14: 30 à 15: 30

Immerse yourself in the poetic, colorful and graphic universes of Pierre Soulages, Marc Chagall, Sonia Delaunay, or even Yves Klein. Color is displayed in the Galerie des Maîtres through the exhibition "From the Masters of Color in the 13th Century". Unpublished and original, it brings together XNUMX little-known works by these major artists, rarely presented to the public, and testify to how color became fundamental in the history of art in the XNUMXth century.

Duration of the visit: 1 hour.

2021.05.24 Grand Masters Gallery Sandrine Boyer-Engel

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