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Deauville Yacht Club
Quai de la Marine


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All year round, the Deauville Yacht Club offers the rental of this elegant boat: for the day alone or with an instructor, for training, leisure or regattas, please note: maximum 3 people on board (instructor included). The Dragon class boat and the Deauville Yacht Club have one thing in common, their year of birth: 1928. This famous boat was designed by the Norwegian Johan Anker, architect, builder and regatta following a competition of plans to create a class of Medium-sized cabin keelboats for two or three crew, which allow racing and cruising. If the boat has evolved since its creation, it has kept the same silouhette. Thirty of them gather each year in Deauville for a high level championship.

Deauville Yacht Club - Habitable sail DYC

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