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Creative week: Making a mini-book

The Franciscans
145 Avenue of the Republic






Monday : 11: 00 à 12: 30

Tuesday : 11: 00 à 12: 30

Wednesday : 11: 00 à 12: 30

Thursday : 11: 00 à 12: 30

Friday : 11: 00 à 12: 30

Young audience workshops for children from 6 to 10 years old.
Throughout the creative week, children create their own story of Loulou, the parrot companion of Félicité, the main character of "Un cœur simple" by Gustave Flaubert. After reading Gustave Flaubert's description, they make their parrot and then invent its story from its birth in South America until its arrival in Normandy. To illustrate their story, they combine images and drawings with the technique of collage and then compose their own mini-book using stencils. In the fifth and final session, children are invited to read their story and present their creation to the group.

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