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Kayaking at the foot of the Roches Noires with Concept Sport Emotion

Sea kayak

Concept Sport Emotion - The Beach


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They offer a magnificent view of the sea which has led many notables in the last century to build their villas. This site is of international importance for the wintering of oysters. Those, as well as other species of shorebirds (curlews, sandpipers, knights…) come to feed on molluscs, bivalves and worms on the mussel beds as soon as they are discovered by the tide. At low water, you can hear the songs of all these birds.

From April to the end of October. Support from a state-certified instructor.
Duration 2h30. It is imperative to know how to swim.

From 6 years.

Kayaking at the foot of the black rocks Concept Sport Emotion

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