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Equestrian pension at Domaine de Capucine

Horse riding

The Domaine de Capucine
Danestal Road





Monday : 10: 00 à 17: 00

Tuesday : 10: 00 à 17: 00

Wednesday : 10: 00 à 17: 00

Thursday : 10: 00 à 17: 00

Friday : 10: 00 à 17: 00

On Saturday: 10: 00 à 17: 00

Sunday: 10: 00 à 17: 00

The Domaine de Capucine has several types of accommodation for horses and ponies: the "Côté Louisiane", with 18 boxes of 12m² inside, and the "Côté Texas", which includes 4 boxes of 10m² facing outside. At the same time, a box is reserved for horses in convalescence, including care that does not require the intervention of a veterinarian, and a box dedicated to ponies less than 149 cm at the withers.

These formulas include daily outings to the paddock, access to the facilities for the owners (quarry, arena, round of loin) and to the forest of the domain extending over several hectares, food (pellets twice a day, hay at will), a locked cupboard and the supply of fly blankets and hats.

It is also possible to put your horse in the paddock individually or in the meadow in a group with shelter, drinker, hay at will and access to the facilities included.

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