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Longe-rib by Concept Sport Émotion







Thursday : 18: 00 à 19: 30

On Saturday: 18: 00 à 19: 30

Aquatic hiking, the longe-côte consists of walking in the sea with a water level reaching up to the waist. Gentle activity accessible to all, this hike allows muscle and cardiovascular strengthening without causing trauma to the joints. For two hours, participants are equipped with a wetsuit and a paddle and perform various movements to tone the whole body. With the pressure of the water, the abs, lower back and legs are more intensely used than walking. Thanks to the paddle, the entire upper body is mobilized and worked in depth. The loin is also beneficial for blood circulation and benefit from the trace elements of salt water.

No matter the season, the loin has many health benefits. If it is appreciated during hot weather, cold winter water allows better energy and caloric expenditure. It is recommended to bring gloves and a neoprene hood in low season.

From 18 years.

Longe-rib Concept Sport Emotion

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