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Children's workshop: "Halloween animals"

The Paléospace - Musée de France
5 avenue Jean Moulin





Open from 17 Oct 2020 to 01 Nov 2020


Monday : 16: 00 à 17: 15

Tuesday : 16: 00 à 17: 15

Wednesday : 16: 00 à 17: 15

Thursday : 16: 00 à 17: 15

Friday : 16: 00 à 17: 15

Workshop program: construction of dinosaur masks, discovery of Sidonie the bat and Amédée the spider, through viscous sponges or carnivorous plants.

> Monday: Making a dinosaur mask
Who is behind the dinosaurs? A workshop to understand who they were and what they could look like.
> Tuesday: Sponges, corals and jellyfish
Small dive in the middle of these soft and surprising animals to learn to recognize them and to make a jellyfish ...
> Wednesday: Making a bat that flaps its wings
To know who these little animals of the night really are and to know their habits and behavior.
> Thursday: Making a giant paper spider.
To discover the not so scary world of arachnids and their astonishing peculiarities. F
> Friday: Carnivorous plant
Find out all about these plants that eat flies and recognize the traps set by the mysterious carnivorous plants.

For children to 5 10 years.
Duration of the session: 1h15
Arrive 15 minutes before the start of the session

Lexovisaurus durobrivensis at the Paléospace, Villers sur Mer P. The break

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