Book workshop

Maison des Loisirs
9 Avenue des Ormes



Opening days and times

le 06 May 2020

Opening days and times :

Wednesday : From 15:00 to 16:00

The "Loisirs et Culture” association, created in 2016 in Bénerville sur-Mer, today gathers about sixty members who participate to several workshops and activities. A friendly atmosphere favours cooperation, exchange and common creativity, respecting and rallying at the same time everybody’s aspirations.

Several are the objectives as literature is associated to books, but also to different forms of oral expression like poetry or theatre (the borders of literature are vague and variable according to personal taste).
Several genres and literary forms are tackled. Among them, let’s mention:
Novels (historical novels, “roman-mémoires”, adventure novels and so on), tales, crime novels, fantasy novels, travel stories, biographical stories, poetry, cinematographic adaptation, music comedies, theatre (tragedy, drama, comedy), literary life (writer, publishing house, legal deposit, copyright, literary criticism)
Literary review · Literary prize
Already mentioned: Paul RENOUARD, Anatole France, Arnaud Catherine, Harold Cobert, Jean d’Ormesson Le Petit Prince (St Exupéry) – Lucie Delarue-Madrus –
Poetry: Prévert, Paul Géraldy, José Maria de Hérédia, La Fontaine, Victor Hugo, Baudelaire…
Lectures: Georges Sand - L’Edition

Schedule: on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 3 pm
Organized by Chantal
Maison des Loisirs of Bénerville-sur-Mer

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