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Villerville - August 29> September 1, 2019

In Villerville, the theater blooms every year at the end of August. Since 2014, a Festival in Villerville has been weaving the thread of the city's artistic history and perpetuating its soul with the renewed ambition to have artists reside there. It is not just another festival, an inventory of shows, but a mosaic of artistic initiatives in various places in the village.

Villerville then keeps its promise of an art theater festival, both "learned and popular", which privileges the texts and the actors.

The festival brings together young artists from major drama schools, emerging companies and established actors and directors who, seduced by the festival's innovative artistic adventure, choose Villerville as the launching point for their new creation. Thanks to their talent and their desire to create new collective ways of being together, Villerville becomes for them not only a place of residence of creation, but also a place of discovery and exchange. For three weeks, they appropriate the places of the city to imagine their shows on site. Garage, castle, chalet… then become scenes of rehearsals, then performances for the first time in front of an audience. About ten theatrical proposals are played. Some will last for the duration of the festival, others will bounce off other stages, but all will have aroused the public's curiosity about contemporary art.