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Deauville - From October 17 to March 7

Festival planches contact
Deauville Photography Festival.

The outdoor Contact Plates exhibitions are in place until March 7. The Point de Vue exhibitions are currently closed to the public.

The 2020th edition of Planches Contact confirms more than ever the singularity of the festival: the production and presentation of works produced by a selection of photographers invited to Deauville, in creation residency, in the months preceding its opening to the public. If the arrival of the pandemic and its consequences on an international scale have shaken up the programs and calendars of the festival, they have also opened up new fields of artistic exploration for this XNUMX edition, which its artistic director Laura Serani describes as " special ", as much by the subjects treated as by the general state of mind which has developed and by an approach where documentary approach and author's work are closely linked.

The festival has readjusted to the closure of borders: the residencies of photographers from the African and Australian continent have been postponed to next year while some, scheduled for 2021, have been anticipated, with a programming orientation more focused on European photography.
For the second year running, Planches Contact is opening up all over Normandy, offering guest photographers the opportunity to explore the region, beyond the city, on the coast, in the countryside and towards other urban centers. Already constituting the DNA of the festival, outdoor exhibitions are privileged and thus offer everyone a glimpse of the complexity and richness of the contemporary photographic scene.


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