Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques

Young talent photographer of the 2012 Planche (s) Contact festival

© Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques for Board (s) Contact 2012
© Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques for Board (s) Contact 2012
© Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques for Board (s) Contact 2012
© Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques for Board (s) Contact 2012

General Motors

"In 2008 I went to photograph the south of the United States for several months. The mythological and visual aura surrounding the representation of America, which derives as much from a collective imagination as from a personal one, has become the subject of my photographs. The research I have carried out has focused on decentering and the inability to assert a univocal vision of a world. The opacity or duplicity of the photographs makes them uncertain and unstable. In Deauville I found resonances of America. I had already operated a parallel between the cars and the sliding of the images - metaphorai in Greek literally means "a transport") - in my American project; I decided to photograph the cars of an automobile club during the residency. These sporty and powerful cars, whose engines are calculated in horses, seemed to me a perfect metaphor of a disruptive vision - via rupta means "the road" - and by sliding figure of horses which holds an important place in this Norman city. Elsewhere, I once again looked for America, less in its war history in Normandy than with the American film festival which takes place in the city. Again, the images shirked their definition, fled their contingency to the Real, inevitably transported themselves in a fictional and literally pictorial regime. The piece that I present - General Motors - evokes this quest for definition through the image of a city which is done in the moving space of the imagination, as well as this American coloring which pursues me for several years. "


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