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Fred Bernard

Guest at the 2018 Books & Music Festival

Fred Bernard published in 1996 his first children's albums: My crocodile friend, at Albin Michel Jeunesse as author-illustrator, draws Warf, the pirate with PH Turin au Seuil and writes The queen of ants has disappeared at Albin Michel with François Roca, who won several prizes (Goncourt jeunesse 1997, Sorcières prize 1996, Jérôme Main prize). Then he makes one or two albums a year with François Roca, as well as Nino's Ark with his friend Nino Ferrer.
In May 2001, it was on his return from Africa that he launched into comics with The tenderness of crocodiles. Among others will follow The intoxication of the octopus, Lily love peacock, The sloth of the panda… He was inspired by the anecdotes of his grandfather winegrower to publish at the end of 2013 Chronicles of the vine at Glénat.

In 2016, his love for Comté - and for good things in general - led him to reoffend with Chronicles of the fruit, from the same publisher. Tireless and curious storyteller, he loves to try all types of writing and plays with his models to better reinvent them.
He divides his time between Paris and Burgundy.

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