Roofs to give rhythm

The roofs are characterized by an interlocking of several sets of slopes and varied forms. The roof overhangs are large and elaborate. They are embellished with numerous accessories: finials, ridges, battens and ridge caps.

Architecture VillasPatrice Le Bris

Materials for drawing

The local architecture has taken advantage of the brick that can be found in all types of architecture: on the facades to emphasize the window surrounds, to reinforce the details of cornices... Limestone is widely used on villas and buildings. To take advantage of its decorative qualities, builders have often alternated their use.

Villa Arlette - Villers-sur-MerEtienne Chognard
Villa-saint-clair - DeauvilleEtienne Chognard

Ridge finials to decorate

Tradition of oriental origin, the decorative finials, made of glazed terracotta, became typically Augeron from the 15th century. The finial became, little by little, a kind of personalized jewel that decorated manors and mansions. There are three main categories of motifs: those belonging to the world of fauna, those of flora and those relating to allegories (imaginary characters, dragons, fairies ...). Conceived in separate elements, some of them reach 1,60 m and are composed of 6 different pieces.

A bit of poetry on the roofs

Bow windows to see

The bow window, an architectural element of Anglo-Saxon origin brought in the middle of the 19th century, is a specific feature of the seaside villa. Often made of wood, it provides a panoramic view of the garden or the sea.

bow windowSandrine Boyer Engel
Delphine Barré Lerouxel

Balconies to chisel

The finely designed balconies are an integral part of the creative universe of seaside architecture. The exterior wood or metal joinery contributes to the overall unity of the façade. They are painted in harmony with the color of the villa.

Villa Camélia, DeauvilleDelphine Barré Lerouxel

Umbrella pines for parasols

Planted gardens and green spaces give an intimate tone to the streets of the seaside resorts. Pines and large conifers filter the light and play on the facades of the villas. They are part of the city's landscape heritage.

Delphine Barré Lerouxel
Delphine Barré Lerouxel

Colors to harmonize

The architects have very quickly moved from the constructive function of wood to make it a decorative element that gives rhythm and composition to the facades with an aesthetic concern. The colors of the wood panels are of a single shade, with a recent dominance for the green "Normandy". On the other hand, the overhang of the roofs and the underside of the bow-windows are generally reinforced by assertive colors, such as red.

Normandy Barrière HotelDelphine Barré Lerouxel

The graphic strength of half-timbering

White is omnipresent in the architecture of the inDeauville area, it is underlined by the graphic strength of the browns, matched with the greys of the slate and the whole range of warm colors of bricks and tiles.

Delphine Barré Lerouxel
Gwenaelle Huard-Marie
Delphine Barré Lerouxel

Fences to let see

The fences maintain a visual transparency between the public space and the private domain. In the central sector, they are composed of a masonry wall topped with balusters, claustra or a clerestory device in painted wood, metal or wrought iron. The whole is amply perforated, in accordance with the customs of the time and enhances the facade of the villa.

Delphine Barré Lerouxel
Villa Le PhareDelphine Barré Lerouxel
Delphine Barré Lerouxel

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