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Tennis, swimming pool, course and sports grounds, sailing schools offer a multitude of leading sports facilities. Go!


© Sandrine Boyer Engel

Deauville municipal tennis courts

No less than 19 tennis courts await your exchanges and your smashes at the municipal tennis courts, maintained all year by city officials and animated by a pool of tennis teachers, up to eight in summer. You can book courts, participate in a course or take individual lessons.

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C. David

The Blonville-sur-Mer swimming pool

Close to the beach and the Mickey Club, the indoor swimming pool allows children to learn to swim from 4 years old in a fun way during 20-minute sessions.

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Villers Tourism

The Villers-sur-Mer swimming pool

Located at the water's edge, this heated swimming pool teaches children from 6 years old to swim before diving into the big bath!

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© Jean-Claude Boscher

The Deauville Olympic seawater swimming pool

In Deauville, we love the sea so much that we capture it to fill the pool. The water from its Olympic basin (50 meters) is pumped offshore and heated to 28 ° C. Under a vault which captures the sun and the light, it is the gathering place of nearly 85000 swimmers each year. Eight lifeguard lifeguards enliven the place. They provide swimming lessons in the Olympic basin or the learning basin. You can also rent water lines there for group training.

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© NaïadePlante

The skate park and multi-sports ground of Deauville

The new 500 m2 skate park dedicated to skateboards, scooters and BMX adjoins the playground, frequented all year round for outdoor football and basketball.

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The fitness trail of the Jardin des Lais de Mer

At the back of Les Planches, at the Promenade Michel d'Ornano, the sea-lice park is equipped with a sports course, ideal for jogging punctuated by physical exercises.

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© Sandrine Boyer Engel

The sailing school of the Deauville Yacht Club

For educational, sports or fun initiations for individuals, schoolchildren or businesses. We learn to sail on J80 or JOD 35, boats easy to maneuver, perfect for discovering sailing.

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Blonville Yacht Club sailing school

For the youngest (from 8 years old) and adults, sailing courses and lessons to learn to sail on Topaz 14 or 16 catamarans.

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The sailing school of the Cercle Nautique de Villers

Club created in 1962 by a group of enthusiasts, the Cercle Nautique de Villers is learning to sail together, with conviviality. It couldn't be easier to learn to sail on a catamaran or dinghy!

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