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The imaginary at work takes the place of an action program for the Franciscans, a cultural place of a new kind whose work will be completed in 2021. In this old place of worship, reconfigured to suit a cultural project , everyone will be invited to let their imaginations circulate to live a unique experience, open to all possibilities. Meditate, meditate, refocus on oneself: these gestures, repeated for over a century by the nuns who occupied the site before ceding it to the city in 2012, the place now associates: being informed, talking to each other, s '' listen, learn, discover, enrich, hang out, have fun, through courses tailored to each profile of visitors. 

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A monumental portal

The challenge of the Franciscan architectural renovation is its openness to the public, its ambition to reach out and enhance its buildings. Delivered from its surrounding wall, the Franciscans offer themselves generously to everyone. By its monumentality, the door clearly signifies its new status as a public cultural place. Accessibility is reinforced by a forecourt and an organization of the public road in rupture with the Avenue of the Republic to catch the attention.

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A digital street

After the high gate, you enter the Franciscans through the large gallery. At this point in the building, all the floors are destroyed to make way for a fault 9 meters high. It is powered by digital tools to accompany everyone on their visit. The visitor chooses what he wants to live and becomes an actor of his stay according to his centers of interest, his desires of the moment, the time at his disposal and the mood which animates him. The gallery is open to all areas of the Franciscans.

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Two twin courses

The old cloister and what used to be the playground of the Saint Joseph school make up two twin square courtyards of 400 m² each.
These two courses are two sides of the same function: meeting and sharing. Each of them is covered with glass. This is one of the keys to the project: bringing light into the building.

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The cloister

Daily Agora

The cloister - to the right of the gallery - is a place open to all the spaces on the ground floor. It is a place steeped in history conducive to meditation, meetings and exchanges. It is also a place of daily life with the news feed - space for consulting newspapers.

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The courtyard of temporary exhibitions

Rhythmic programming

Les Franciscaines will be part of a process of exchanging temporary exhibitions with other museums and institutions in order to constantly renew its program. Each summer: a large-scale exhibition will take place in this space located to the left of the gallery. Here, the light is filtered by solar shading blades which provide ideal comfort for contemplating the works it houses. A series of white arches delimit the space, allowing a different use. A pyramid of light particularizes the center of the room.

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André Hamburg Museum

The profusion of Hamburg donation to the City of Deauville makes it possible to envisage a permanent space entirely devoted to its development. Different themes will place the evolution of André Hambourg's painting in the broader context of the art history of the period by comparing his artistic productions with those of other artists.

André Hambourg - portrait

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The auditorium

Multiple configurations of shows

The auditorium (accessible by the cloister) is installed in the old chapel. Its retractable bleachers allow you to envisage multiple configurations: intimate readings, meetings, concerts, dance performances, theater… Completely free from its bleachers, the hall can become a completely different space.

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The principle of the universes

A pooling of works by themes

Gather and script in a single space the multiple resources on a subject to facilitate exploration and appropriation by everyone. This is the challenge that the project teams have set themselves. Why ? Because Franciscan collections take all forms: from documentary to pictorial masterpiece, from a book to a film, from the testimony of a Deauville to the photography of an artist.
The thousands of documents acquired by the City will be distributed in universes with multiple facets. Visitors will access it in a very innovative way. In principle, the experience could resemble that experienced by a user on the web where you surf from one subject to another. The Franciscans will add a playful, interactive, intuitive script in an environment that is optimal for consultation.

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