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An exceptional location opposite Deauville train station, in the heart of the city.


The rehabilitation of the peninsula district was launched in 2002 and will be completed in 2018. Deauville will install in one place functions essential to its dynamism and its future: 1500 m2 of offices, individual and collective housing, a holiday residence, shops, terraces, living areas. Partly neglected industrial wasteland, the Presqu'île is gradually becoming a district.

To integrate

The very varied architecture of the Presqu'île takes up the seaside vocabulary specific to the resort since its creation in the 19th century: window panes, bricks, tiles, variety of shapes, materials ... with the aim of building bio-climatic conditions . The urban plan of the peninsula is that of yesterday supplemented with alleys and small squares, the sea basins are highlighted by wide quays open to gentle traffic.


To live

The Presqu'île will offer a wide range of accommodation: individual houses, collective buildings of different designs. Faubourg Immobilier is the designated property developer for the entire district.


For the walk as for the pleasure of life, many places and paths are traced. Bordering the Touques to its estuary, a large planted promenade is fitted out with benches and lighting. In total, two-thirds of the Presqu'île are undeveloped spaces, the density of constructions is low, which allows transparency of view towards Trouville-sur-Mer and the sea.

To work

The City of Deauville asserts in this new district its desire to diversify its economy. Offices, co-working spaces, very high speed internet open up prospects, new outlets to attract and permanently install a young population.

Take the sea

The maritime character of the Presqu'île is reinforced by the development plan: enhancement of the basins, quays and edges of Touques to the estuary. Boating and fishing activities are reinforced: reconstruction of the Deauville Yacht Club, port office, dockside spaces on the basin for fishing. Two lookouts will surround the footbridge that connects the Presqu'île to the center of the city.


The strong points of the layout are the four new places. These places of convergence all have their particularities, their contrasting atmosphere in connection with their environment or their role.

To welcome

The Presqu'île is also a job-generating activity, consistent with the situation in the neighborhood. These activities aim to consolidate its tourist attractiveness: shops, restaurant, cafes, hotel residences ...