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8 ideas to keep busy during confinement

Simmer good meals, let go with yoga or meditation at a distance, tinker, prepare your Christmas presents and go for a walk in the fresh air, here is our inDeauville guide to overcome boredom and keep smiling!


Kitchen to prepare or take away

Shop at local producers


The stoves are back in everyday life! Main occupation during the spring confinement, the "homemade" has upset the culinary habits of many of us. A wide choice of local and organic products in a short circuit invite you to concoct the most delicious of the menus: seasonal vegetables, typical Norman cheese, poultry raised in the open air, fish taken off the boat ... Your table will be worthy of the best restaurants!


 All local producers here 


Eat like in a restaurant


Not in the mood for cooking? The idea of ​​preparing three meals a day doesn't suit you? Call on restaurateurs and food shops and order meals at home, one of the surest ways to support them during confinement while having fun from time to time. From your phone, tablet or computer, plates of seafood, pizzas, mussels, tapas and other dishes can be reserved in a few clicks. It is even possible to order from a starred chef! To be enjoyed comfortably on a chair or on your sofa. You will never have been so comfortable at home.


 Best takeaway here 

Sandrine Boyer Engel

Yoga or Zumba

Relax from a distance with Yoga and meditation


To ward off the emotions that overwhelm us during this time of isolation, yoga and meditation classes are available online. Well-being sport par excellence, yoga combines benefits on the body and the mind, therefore ideal for taking a relaxing break from a long day of (TV) work. Mireille Hoffman, singing and yoga teacher, offers yoga sessions based on Iyengar alignment and the inspired fluidity of dance. Laureen picard, Reiki practitioner and Spiritual coach, teaches Hatha Yoga, ideal for beginners and to learn the basic postures. The goal of Hatha Yoga is above all to relax, by combining breaths and postures, to increase concentration and to gain flexibility. Another Zen practice taught at a distance by Laureen is the meditation. Contrary to popular belief, this is not about clearing your head, but rather keeping your attention on an idea or an object without letting yourself be assailed by negative thoughts. In short, to be silent in oneself. Relax, release your shoulders, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. Meditate is good for your health! 


Let off steam with Zumba


To exercise while having fun, Zumba is the ideal fitness activity that mixes aerobics and Latin dance. During sessions of 45 minutes to 1 hour taught in video, follow the steps and movements with the coach Stephanie Dolley on the rhythm of the music to work all parts of the body. In addition to improving endurance and burning calories, Zumba is a great way to decompress and let off steam in a festive spirit, without leaving your living room.

Sandrine Boyer Engel

Take a taste for DIY

No more procrastinating! This period of confinement is ideal for renewing your home and feeling better than ever. Painting a wall, putting up shelves, putting together a piece of furniture, reviewing the plumbing, repairing and customizing furniture, refreshing the bathroom, renovating the doors, installing a parquet ... There is no lack of ideas for work and DIY to take care of at home.


 All DIY shops and services here 

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Prepare Christmas presents

Open in click & collect, local shops allow you to find great ideas to drop off at the foot of the tree. We marvel at the bracelets and rings of the Stella jewelry, fall for personalized gifts fromEnjoy Life, learns from the books of the Market Bookstore, decorate our interior with Dream!, is pleased with the luxury shoes of the Boutique La Suite and go to sea with sailor tops Armor Lux.


 Click & collect addresses for decoration and clothing here 


In terms of gastronomy, what could be better than offering chocolates to delight loved ones? From tasty pralines to deliciously cocoa-flavored truffles, chocolates are a Christmas staple. For lovers of fine wines, order from the neighborhood wine merchants, who will guide you in your choice. Rather tempted by the apple? The distilleries and cideries of the Pays d'Auge are also open to click & collect! Calvados, cider and pommeau are excellent gifts typical of the region to offer.


 Click & collect gourmet addresses here 

Sandrine Boyer Engel
Sandrine Boyer Engel

By the sea or in the countryside

Take a walk to the beach


We missed them so much last spring… This is THE major change in this new confinement: the beaches are accessible within a radius of 1 km around his home! From Villers-sur-Mer to Villerville, take advantage of this proximity to the sea to walk or run during your daily outing hour. Under the sun, facing the wind or protected from the rain, a stroll on the beach offers the opportunity to get out of your home, tread the wet sand and take in a large bowl of sea air.


 The six inDeauville beaches here 


Walking green in parks and gardens


It seems that contemplating nature would be enough to reduce stress, a feeling that is omnipresent in this anxiety-provoking period. And luckily, the parks and gardens remain open during this new confinement! Good news for residents who live in an apartment or do not have a plot of land, or who simply want a change of scenery, or see something else. With the exception of Calouste Gulbenkian Park, all inDeauville parks and gardens are open. Wet meadows and rare species in Blonville-Villers Marsh, remarkable flora at Graves Park, vestiges of the Second World War in Mont-Canisy and sports course at Sea Lais Park, there is something for everyone.


 All parks and gardens here 

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