VILLERVILLE > August 27th to 30th

In Villerville, theatre is celebrated at the end of August. Every year since 2014, the Festival of Villerville focuses on the artistic history of Villerville and hosts in-residence artists. It’s not just another festival, made of a series of shows, but a series of artistic events taking place in different places of the village.

For the 7th edition, the festival has decided to retrace previous editions with renowned guests. After their residence, professional artists guide curious spectators to unsual places for a show.

Villerville has fulfilled its promise: offering an art theatre festival that meets anybody's needs, focusing on texts and authors. The festival gathers young artists coming from major drama schools, emerging theatre companies and experienced actors and stage directors that have been fascinated by this innovative festival and have chosen Villerville as a springboard for their new creation. In Villerville, they express their talent and their urge to find new ways of sharing. Here, they can not only create, but also discover and exchange. For three weeks, they visit the town and imagine how their show may be welcomed here. The Garage, the Casino, a castle, a chalet are some of the places where they can practice, then act for the first time in front of a public. About ten theatre shows are performed. Some of them are only performed here during the Festival; others are also performed elsewhere. It doesn't matter: all of them are able to arouse the curiosity of the general public about contemporary art.


Program available soon