Naïade Plante

Books & Music Festival

Every year in April

The Books & Music Festival, created in 2004, deals with literature through music, proposing events in multiple forms. A journey into literature, ranging from improvisation and creation, made of readings, meetings, concerts, discussions… A different theme is selected each year.

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Julien Mignot

Easter Festival

Every year in April

The Easter Festival has been celebrated in Deauville for more than twenty years. For the Easter Festival, about one hundred young instrumentalists can meet and create diverse ensembles, from trios to orchestras, to play chamber music and modern music. A fascinating program that joins three generations of performers.

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Julien Mignot

Summer exhibition:
André Hambourg, Ombre & Lumière

May 20th > September 17th

Every year, the summer exhibition reveals part of the Franciscaines collection, future convivial and cultural place of the City of Deauville. In 2017, for the first time since Deauville received a very significant donation of works made by André Hambourg, the municipality pays tribute to him organizing an exhibition at the Point de Vue. This journey through the works of André Hambourg leads us, at the rhythm of the artist’s journey and life, to several destinations represented by the artist.

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Musical August Festival

July 29th > August 12th

Created in 2002 with the aim of discovering young soloists and playing even more music, the Musical August was launched as the studious and joyful antechamber to the Easter Festival. About fifteen young soloists play baroque music in academy and residence.

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1616 Prod

American Film Festival

September 1st > 10th

Essential event of the film back, with the presentation of more than 100 films, including an official competition dedicated to independent films. Tributes, documentaries, reviews, TV series and script-writing classes are spicing a constantly evolving festival, open to the public.

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The cultural season

October > May

About fifteen shows and concerts concerning different disciplines such as dance, classical music, jazz and theatre. All the arts are combined to let the public discover well-known and emerging artists.

The program of the 2016 | 2017 cultural season

Sandrine Boyer Engel

Planche(s) Contact Photography Festival

October 21st > November 26th

Photographers are invited in residence with instructions to match their world and their photographic language with one of the facets of Deauville. On the same principle, some young European talents will compete to win the Planche(s) Contact Fondation Louis Roederer Prize.

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