VILLERS-SUR-MER Le Villare > April 18th and 19th


Villers Games has become one of the Grand Ouest video game festivals. Gaming enthusiasts come with their family or friends to play, share or discover the universe or the history of video games! Games, tournaments, exhibitions and many more activities are organized.

About forty game consoles - dating back from the 80s to present days - are available to let the visitors take on challenges on FIFA 18, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Street Fighter 5, play online games, or just discover the gaming world.
A family weekend full of activities that is also an opportunity to discover or re-discover video games, their present, their past and their future!
2020 novelty: the Pix3l association organizes an escape game, while the Pop’ix makes people discover the Pixel Art.
The Game Cash shop of Caen brings video games, goodies and much more.
In terms of food, traditional dishes are prepared by Japanese caterer Tamkitchen Yakusen; home-made burgers by a food truck named “La Cantine de Steve”.