©Sandrine Boyer-Engel

The scientific rigour of a museum

A museum collection dedicated to figurative painting of the XX and XXI centuries, graphic arts and photography

© Sandrine Boyer

The experimental dimension of technological innovations

The spirit of Fablab and makers

© Sandrine Boyer

The entertainment of media libraries

70,000 books, documentaries, albums, 10,000 CDs and 5,000 DVDs to consult and borrow

© Alice Evans - Ville de Deauville

The creativity of festivals and residences

Five cultural Festivals and about ten artistic residences every year

© Naïade Plante

Visitors are the protagonists of their visit

Alternately mediator, auditor, contributor, director, contemplator…visitors can create their own visit.

© Sandrine Boyer

Several events: workshops, exhibitions, meetings, shows, readings, projections...

Resting, working together, creating, reading, discovering, listening, watching and sometimes also eating