5 reasons to play golf in Deauville

5 reasons to play golf inDeauville ©Fabrice Rambert

Playing golf gives you a feeling of calm, escape and well-being, and what's more, it's in Deauville! Four golf courses with panoramic views over the sea and the Normandy countryside, eleven exceptional courses within a radius of 20 km to play at sunrise or sunset, teaching adapted to all - even children... Here are 5 reasons for fans of the little white ball and amateurs wishing to tame the greasy grass of the fairways to come and swing inDeauville.

1. The breathtaking panoramic views overlooking the sea, forest and countryside

The Côte Fleurie is famous for its beautiful beaches of endless golden sand, the half-timbered villas that line the sea and the surrounding Auvergne countryside. A winning combination that you can enjoy from the fairways of the four inDeauville golf courses !

At Golf Barrière Deauvilleranked among the 20 most beautiful courses in France, the great perspectives of the two courses overlook the wooded lands, the sea and the towns of Deauville and Trouville-sur-Mer. Further on, the iodine atmosphere turns into a bucolic atmosphere and finds all its splendor at Golf Barrière Saint-Julienrenowned for its typically Norman environment dotted with apple trees in bloom, hedgerows and ponds. On the edge of the Saint-Gatien-des-Bois forest, the Golf Deauville Saint-Gatien alternates between wooded parkland and an unobstructed view of the Seine estuary, when the boats glisten at the gates of Le Havre. More recent and modern, theAmirauté Golf blends in perfectly with the manors and stud farms of the hinterland, offering a sumptuous 360° view of the Touques valley.

From l. to r. from h. to b.: Golf Barrière Deauville, Golf Barrière Saint-Julien, Amirauté Golf and Golf de Deauville Saint-Gatien ©Fabrice Rambert / Golf Barrière Saint-Julien / Amirauté Golf / Vincent Rustuel
From l. to r. from h. to b.: Golf Barrière Deauville, Golf Barrière Saint-Julien, Amirauté Golf and Golf de Deauville Saint-GatienFabrice Rambert / Golf Barrière Saint-Julien / Amirauté Golf / Vincent Rustuel

2. Academies to learn while having fun

That's also what golf in Deauville is all about: the possibility of learning on your own during a 60-minute time trial, an intensive course or with your family and a coach!

Because it was founded by a family of "non-golfers", the Golf de Deauville Saint-Gatien has made lessons for beginners, and especially for children, its trademark. Named NextGen Golf School, its golf school welcomes youngsters from 5 to 16 years old, with a training structure adapted to their needs, qualified coaches to supervise them, and dedicated courses to have fun. More advanced, the Golf Academy training center includes individual golf lessons, a year-round group lessons program, internships... But for a simple try, theNextGen discovery offer proposes one hour of initiation valid alone, in duo... or with the family!

In 2019, the Barrière golf courses of Deauville and Pont-L'Evêque have set up theBarrière Golf Academy in the heart of their domain, a place specially dedicated to high-level teaching. In order to transmit the passion of golf to the youngest, school vacations are dedicated to Juniors Camps, focused on power and fun games. The golfing offer does not stop there and also includes initiations, private lessons, performance lessons... In short, a diversity of formulas for all levels and all ages.

The NextGen Golf School at the Golf de Deauville Saint-Gatien - Saint-Gatien-des-Bois ©Camille David
The NextGen Golf School at the Golf de Deauville Saint-GatienCamille David
The Barrière Golf Academy, available at the Barrière Deauville and Saint-Julien golf courses ©Fabrice Rambert
The Barrière Golf Academy, available at the Barrière Deauville and Saint-Julien golf coursesFabrice Rambert

3. Courses accessible to all levels

The main advantage of the inDeauville golf courses? Their ability to welcome all types of public, from beginners to the biggest fans of the little white ball. Popular with novices, Golf Barrière Saint-Julien offers its two coursesLe Vallon (18 holes, 6035 m) is a relatively easy course with many birdies for the most experienced players, and Le Bocage (9 holes, 2258 m), with very few roughs, which is perfectly suited to beginners, average players and golfers who wish to practice.

Featuring some thirty monumental sculptures that scan the swings and dazzle the eyes of golfers, the Arts Course (18 holes - 6089 m) of theAmirauté Golf requires rigor and precision to make a successful ace. On the other hand, the Parcours des Etangs (9 holes - 1982 m), more compact, is ideal for beginners.

On the other hand, the two seemingly simple two courses at Golf Barrière Deauville(Diane Barrière - 18 holes, 5951 m and Lucien Barrière - 9 holes, 3038 m) multiply the difficulties with the presence of obstacles such as roughs, bunkers, but also the speed of the greens and the strength of the wind. Same requirement at Deauville Saint-Gatien Golf Club and La BergerieThe 9-hole course (3198 m) is the most demanding and requires the mastery of a wide variety of shots. Our advice: keep your concentration to avoid the clumps of fir trees and roughs in bloom, always meticulously placed to deceive the players.

La Bergerie course at the Deauville Saint-Gatien Golf Club ©Vincent Rustuel - Angels'Sea Studio
The La Bergerie course at the Deauville Saint-Gatien Golf ClubVincent Rustuel - Angels'Sea Studio
The Diane Barrière course at the Barrière Deauville Golf Club ©Fabrice Rambert
The Diane Barrière Course at the Barrière Deauville Golf ClubFabrice Rambert
The Art Trail at Amirauté Golf ©Amirauté Golf
The Art Trail at Amirauté GolfAmirauté Golf

4. Clubhouses to meet

What would a golf course be without its clubhouses? A place of conviviality, exchange and gathering anchored in the life of golfers just like the courses, it is here, in the heart of the main building, that the 19th hole is celebrated, between two sports sessions. The nineteenth hole is to golf what the third half represents to rugby; the relaxed meeting place for sportsmen, after a day spent in the open air, where one meets and exchanges around a drink, where one warms up in winter, where one eats with a view of the greens and where one buys balls or lets oneself be seduced by a polo from the pro-shop.

Luxurious and hushed atmosphere at the Golf Barrière Deauville that makes you want to lounge around in the XXL armchairs and benches. Just like the white apple trees blooming in front of the bay windows of the Golf Barrière Saint-Julienits clubhouse is a source of serenity with its white shades, its imposing stone fireplace and its generous kitchen. The charm of the interior beams and exterior half-timbering give the clubhouse of the Golf de Deauville Saint-Gatien a traditional spirit and natural warmth conducive to conviviality. The club-house of theAmirauté Golf has its roots in the vast buildings of a Norman stud farm. Its large windows offer a panoramic view of the course and the Touques valley.

The Club-house of the Golf Barrière Deauville ©Fabrice Rambert
The Club-house of the Golf Barrière DeauvilleFabrice Rambert
The Club-house of Golf Barrière Saint-Julien and its restaurant ©Groupe Barrière
The Saint-Julien Barrière Golf Club-house and its restaurantBarrière Group

5. The only lighted course in Europe

When the darkness of the night sets in, at the time when the clubs are put away, the golfettes are sheltered and the parking lots are empty, a course lights up. And it's aptly named: the Parcours des Etoilesthe pride of theAmirauté Golfwhere the experience of a night swing is breathtaking. The visual atmosphere is totally different, the sounds carry far, the holes are perfectly lit. More relaxed than daytime golf, it will of course be difficult to make a perfect round. The main thing is to leave with a fun souvenir!

The Star Course at Amirauté Golf - Tourgéville ©Dimitri - Amirauté Golf
The Course of Stars at Amirauté GolfDimitri - Amirauté Golf

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