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DEAUVILLE - Center International de Deauville> August 21 and 22

Tattoo enthusiasts meet in Deauville for the 4th edition of the Deauville Tattoo Festival! For two days, the general public meets more than 300 artists and exhibitors from around the world to consult their books, admire their technique, and why afford the tattoo of their dreams.

For the public, tattooed or neophytes, curious and interested, the Deauville Tattoo Festival is an opportunity to meet popular tattoo artists, who sometimes come from far away. For tattoo artists, the festival also allows them to exchange with other professionals and share their experience. This year, we find American tattoo artists (Rudy Hetzer, Aaron Is, Belena Roy), Spanish (David Muyayo), Irish (Dani Ryan), English (Wandal Tattoo) and of course French (Loren Eternal Ink, Issa, Pierre- Gilles Romieu ...). At the end of the weekend, a prestigious jury will reward the most beautiful tattoos made during the event. Tattoo artists will receive the Deauville Tattoo Festival trophies according to the category presented: Old School / New School, Black and Gray, Color, Ornemental, Realistic, Best of day and Best of show.

Between two tattoos, the Deauville Tattoo Festival is also the opportunity to attend concerts, artistic performances, shows, exhibitions of American vehicles, stands of clothing and accessories on the retro theme of the 1950's.

To get a tattoo at the Deauville Tattoo Festival, all you have to do is make an appointment directly with the tattoo artist of your choice from their website or social networks. Be careful, tattoo artists are booked very quickly!