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DEAUVILLE Center International de Deauville> September 3 to 12, 2021


Since its creation in September 1975, the Festival has been the unmissable rendezvous for the new cinematographic season with the presentation of more than 100 films and the presence of American actors and directors in Deauville. The Festival highlights the diversity of American cinema, from Hollywood productions to independent cinema films. It is open to the public and favors the meeting between cinema professionals and cinema enthusiasts.

About fifteen independent cinema films are presented in competition each year.
Previews that allow today's cinema writers and directors to meet their audiences.
Tributes to the most outstanding personalities of American cinema are paid each year. Their name is inscribed on the lists of the Planches de Deauville.
The New Hollywood section invites young actors and actresses.
Uncle Sam's Docs feature documentaries on American society.

The Grand Prize & the Jury Prize are awarded by the Festival jury
The Louis Roederer Foundation Prize for Revelation awarded by the Revelation jury
The Critics' Prize is awarded by critics and journalists
The Public Prize of the City of Deauville, awarded by the City of Deauville after the vote of the festival-goers.

In addition to the public prize, which invites everyone to give their opinion, a programming schedule that allows you to see the entire selection of the Festival in its three rooms - CID, Cinéma Le Morny and Cinéma du Casino - the festival schedules meetings with professionals from the cinema. The public also has an appointment on the Planches de Deauville for the unveiling of the names of the actors or directors who receive a tribute.

NEW IN 2021: the festival opens a window on French cinema.
From its creation in 1975, the American Film Festival, through its anchoring in Deauville, affirmed the idea of ​​a bridge between the two founding nations of cinema; breath that continues today. For Americans, France has a special and historical character, from Lafayette to the landing beaches. Concerned about this memory, the Deauville Festival has always created bridges between France and the United States: the competition of an independent authors' cinema, watched by French jurors; the prize for the current edition, awarded to a French filmmaker working in the United States; the themes of Franco-American meetings; the Ornano-Valenti prize, which crowns a first French film by American journalists; the invitation to the Cannes and Annecy Festivals during the 2020 edition, which aroused the enthusiasm of the public. This latest happy cohabitation of American films and French works marks a turning point in the history of the festival. It will thus extend the fine spirit of Deauville by opening a window on French cinema, with a selection of 5 unreleased films, which will be added to the 70 American films presented each year.