DEAUVILLE Centre International de Deauville > September 4th to 13th


A Festival open to everybody; an adventure at the heart of America! Since its creation in 1975, the American Film Festival has been the essential event of the film back. It's an official competition that promotes independent films, tributes, documentaries, premières and projections.

THE COMPETITION: discover new talents through the artistic look of independent cinema.
Five awards are given by juries composed of professionals of French cinema: the Grand Prix de Deauville, the Prix du jury, the Prix du jury de la révélation and the Prix de la critique.
The opinion of the participants is also taken into account with the Prix du Public de la Ville de Deauville!

THE PREMIÈRES: film authors and directors of today’s cinema meet the public.

THE DOCS DE L'ONCLE SAM: improve your knowledge of the American culture through documentaries, representing their time and society.

THE TRIBUTES: know myths and legends of American films, celebrate talents.

THE NEW HOLLYWOOD: a tribute to an actor or an actress, considered as a jewel of American cinema.

AMERICAN HERITAGE: rediscover the best of American cinema in a restored version.

DEAUVILLE SAISON #11: preview the best TV series, meet cinema and television writers.