How to follow the competition

32nd Lacoste Ladies Open de France

Lucile Loisel

Tournament procedure

The tournament will take place in 3 rounds:
Thursday September 15 from 8:30 am to 7 pm: 1st round with the 108 players
Friday, September 16 from 8:30 am to 7 pm: 2nd round with the 108 players.
Saturday September 17 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm: 3rd and last round with the first 60 players of the previous rounds

The games are played in groups of 3 professionals but they do not play as a team, they play individually. Some players are sometimes assisted by their caddy, a companion who gives them strategic advice, supports them and carries their bag which contains all their golf clubs (14 clubs). A special feature of this competition is that each group will be accompanied by an Amateur playing with them in the 1st and 2nd rounds.

A tee time is given every 10 minutes. It takes a team an average of 10 to 15 minutes to play a hole, so it is easy to know which team is playing at which point of the course.

Each hole is broken down into a Tee, a Fairway and a Green (the location of the hole, marked by a flag). The objective is to get the golf ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible, knowing that each hole is defined by a theoretical ideal number of strokes to play it, this is called the Par. Each additional stroke will result in penalties, each stroke less will earn points. The scores are presented at several points of the course: at the level of hole #1 for all players and on panels located at several points of the course for the players in the lead.


Where to stand?

The competition is played on the 18-hole Diane Barrière course. Upon arrival on the golf course, a Gazette is given to the visitors. The document lists the names of the players with their tee times and the layout of the course with instructions on how to get around the green and follow the rounds without disturbing the players. Good to know: the signature holes of Golf Barrière Deauville, the most beautiful, are holes 2, 17 and 18. Hole 11 promises to be challenging!

Throughout the day, it is also possible to see the players practicing on the driving range or on the putting green (off the #1 hole). And every day at 3pm, a Clinic (playing demonstration) will be performed by a professional player on the driving range.

Learn from the professionals

To celebrate the return of international competition to Deauville, two exceptional products are offered to the general public to discover the world of professional golf: a day of golf immersion and a a meeting with a top player.

Golf lessons with the Barrière Golf Academy ©Fabrice Rambert
Golf lessons with the Barrière Golf AcademyFabrice Rambert
Learning from a champion ©Lucile Loisel
Learning from a championLucile Loisel

Golf immersion day

In the morning, an introduction to golf takes place on the Diane Barrière course, where a teacher from the Barrière Golf Academy supervises participants of all levels. After these first sporting steps, we head to the driving range, occupied by the professional players who warm up one last time before accessing the course. Then it was time for the competition, where the participants followed the professionals and played at the same pace. The morning ends with a picnic basket.

Learning from a champion

After a lunch in the prestigious dining room of the Barrière Hotel L'Hôtel du Golf****, the participants leave for a guided tour. Accompanied by Sophie Giquel, former French No. 1 and a former player on the European Women's Tour, they follow the players' course as close to the green as possible and learn to decipher the right shots and the best strategies. The day continues with a Clinic, a game demonstration also presented by Sophie Giquel.


Discover also the putting green installed on the terrace of the Bar du Soleil! From Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm, a hostess will teach you the perfect gesture; no need for equipment, clubs for left and right handed players as well as balls are at your disposal. 

See the map of the course

Some useful tips

  • Silence is essential for the players to stay focused: be discreet and remember to turn off your cell phone.
  • The maintenance of the course is essential and requires a meticulous work of the GreenKeeper and his gardeners: follow the course by going along the holes but do not cross them.
  • Nature offers a great playground: make sure you don't leave any trash behind
  • The course is around 6 km, the distances are large: come well equipped (depending on the weather, sunscreen, hat, water bottle, folding stool, comfortable shoes, raincoat, umbrella ...)

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