July 12 - Country-Folk
Transatlantic heirs to the Carter Family and the Kossoy Sisters, The Sugar Family proudly and freshly carry the great and beautiful colors of traditional American folk song. Drawing on the roots of gospel music to take a stroll along the banks of the Ohio River in old-time ballads that are sometimes bewitching, sometimes jubilant, the music of these five singers and musicians takes us back to the America of the 1930s, to the crossroads of clear folk and raucous bluegrass, where the blues are never far away.

July 16 (Part 1) - Fingerstyle
Illona is a young fingerstyle guitarist and composer. She uses her guitar as a multi-instrument, percussion, bass, choreography object... Her talent is very quickly revealed: she was the special guest of the Korean guitarist Sungha Jung at the Café de la Danse, opened the concert of Biréli Lagrène at the Trianon in Paris, participated in "Guitar Night" in Paris, in the "Musikmesse" in Frankfurt and in the festival "Solidays", and played several times in Italy, Austria, Germany and South Korea. In 2013, Illona recorded "The Guitar Power" her first album, a true acoustic appropriation of songs from different periods, such as "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson, "Just the two of us" by Bill Withers or "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk. "Puzzle", his brand new opus, offers a dozen original tracks with vocals.

July 16 - French song / Tropical ball
After the success of the first show on the Chanson Réaliste, with more than 500 concerts, the trio Balbazar has taken the path of creation for a second part around the West Indian Ball. The "Bal électropical" continues to explore the spirit of the 20's and 30's in a concert-bal. The trio invites us to discover its new universe, highlighted with this originality, already so appreciated by thousands of spectators who came to meet them, between the voice, the accordion and the rhythmic beatbox.

July 19 - Tribute Pop-Rock
From the first album to the last one, With U2 Night makes us live the sound and the emotion of the incontounable Irish band U2 ("New year's day", "Sunday bloody sunday", "With or without you", "One", "Vertigo", "Ordinary love"...). More than a tribute, it is a real musical celebration that the four musicians share with the public.

July 23 - Soul / Funk
Every thousand years, a tiny group of individuals gather and take the name Cut The Alligator. A mission: to liberate captive energies, giving free rein to a music made of groove and emotions. Cut The Alligator shows today its new face with a first album. Nine musicians, sensual and powerful voices, unleashed horns and a wild rhythm section unite to create a unique sound universe, full of soul and funk. Let's fight the big reptile that's inside each of us!

Thomas Cendrier

July 26 - Electro swing
A group that holds in a simple equation: melodies cut in the raw material of the swing of the 30's, which cross the very current influences irrigating the electro-swing movement; beats replaying in this century the most dancing rhythms of the previous one; compositions with neat productions structured around the song; the energy of a quartet that electrifies in a systematic way the dance floor. The group released "Plaisir Moderne" its first album in 2018, followed by a tour that signals its musical maturity. Mixing samples and vintage sounds in a more contemporary format with Hip-Hop and House accents, the group has particularly taken care of the balance between instrumental music and electronic production.

July 30 - Rock
After a few thousand concerts throughout Europe, the English band Tankus the Henge is slowly building its legend with its supercharged stage performances. These six hard workers have created a unique style: Gonzo Rock n' Roll, an eclectic universe, a clever mix of rock, fed by Rag Time, New Orleans or Funk, all magnified by finely chiseled lyrics. Their universe draws its inspiration from the English wave of the 60s, but also from artists like Tom Waits or the Queen of the Stone age. Over the years, the band has become a real stage compressor, with a precision musical mechanism, relying on the groove of an impressive bass-drums duo, a powerful brass section, efficient riffs and the rocky voice of its singer.

August 2 - Ska
For ten years now, the band Tekpaf has been travelling the roads to spread their brassy ska rock influenced universe. After having played in France and Switzerland, in numerous venues and festivals, the group is back with its album "On s'arrête pas! Always committed, Tekpaf who shared the stage with other groups, such as Dub Inc, Babylon Circus, Les Ogres de Barback, BB Brunes, Boulevard des Airs, Collectif 13, As de Trèfle, Les Sales Majestés... comes back more than ever in form and spreads all its energy during a concert as "at home". As they say so well "On stage we give everything"!

August 6 - French Song
On board their unusual machine, equipped with an extravagant arsenal of sound and light, the crew of the Balluche Sound System, under the unbridled command of Sacha de Kracov, takes us on a great rhythmic ritual. As if out of a Jules Verne novel, this modern day orpheon lays down its crazy mix of dub, tango, swing, dance floor, electro and rock for an irresistible sonic experience. Lovers of guinche, incravated teufeurs, gamblers of Saturday evening, prepare to ignite the place, because this evening all is allowed!

Eric Richet

August 9 - Soul
There is in Gemma & the Travellers the spirit of "Motown" and "Stax", the raw and groovy sound of the early days of the label. Obviously, Gemma is also a voice, powerful and limpid that seems to come straight out of the basement of Detroit. The English duo writes and composes all the songs that rely on bass, drums, sax and guitar. On stage, the band is a real grooving machine. Their debut album "Too Many Rules & Games" was released in 2017, followed in 2019 by a second "True Love", which is a distinct evolution of the band's sound towards groove.

August 13 - French song
TomBés du Camion is above all French song, words and musical diversity. The muffled color of the acoustic instruments (trombone, acoustic guitar, violin) is associated with the rock rhythm of the rhythmic instruments (electric guitar, bass and drums)
to propose an explosive sound mixture. Sometimes Swing/Jazz, sometimes Reggae, sometimes Rock N' Roll, they make us travel through the different themes that they approach and that they try to share. One thing is sure, it's a 100% organic song, without pesticides or preservatives.

August 16 - Soul / Funk
Enter the heart of Solar Project's sunny soul/funk universe: a clever mix of sounds and a beautiful part given to rhythmic and brassy parts. The group, driven by the compositions and the soulful voice of the singer, was formed in 2016 and finds its inspiration in the greats of soul and funk such as Esther Philips, Aretha Franklin, Maceo Parker, Souljazz Orchestra... Over the course of three years of concerts and several studio experiences, the project has built a real identity and singularity. The six musicians are truly committed to sharing their pleasure of the stage in a sonic and visual journey. Their recipe? A good dose of colors in the ears and the promise of an energetic and generous show!

August 20 - French song
Come closer ladies and gentlemen ! Come and discover our extraordinary collection of real treasures that belonged to the greatest artists of French Song. On our stall you will find the legendary canotier of Charles Trenet, the flowers held by Jacques Brel while waiting for Madeleine, the authentic bicycle of Yves Montand, the bedside lamp of Charles Aznavour's Mamma or the only painting by Barbara... a landscape of Göttingen. And for just a smile, treat yourself to priceless songs and anecdotes!

August 23 - Reggae / Latino
From reggae to salsa, this cover band rocks some good music. Based in the southwest, Jesse Cool has been playing regularly for years at festivals and venues. Lya-Dia has played for artistic personalities such as Steve Wonder and Percy Sledge. Considered as the African Bobby Mcferrin, he is an exceptional vocal virtuoso, guitarist and percussionist, and excels in the art of improvisation and melodies. Jesse Cool is the singer of the mythical Sun Djata Sound (Raggasonic) and the group Yorou. He has played at the Francofolies, the MCM Café, the Printemps de Bourges among others and has opened for many artists: Dennis Brown, Culture, Ijahman... Jivali, chorister and instrumentalist, has been sending the groove and the sequences since the creation of Covers Time.


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