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Villers-sur-mer - Panoramic room of the casino - August 16> 22, 2019

The Festival of New Talents and guests draws on its scope an original program, always renewed, dedicated to classical music. His only requirement: to combine the excellence of music with a strong interaction with the public.
This year's theme: Around the world with 100% piano concerts!

Around seven concerts, "great music" makes itself accessible to everyone here. The festival welcomes the "young talents" of music, but for the most part they already have careers, and more and more frequently musicians named to the Victoires de la musique. The "guests" allows to leave a door open to the elders who express the desire to return. Whatever their notoriety, they present their program themselves to the public, whom they then enjoy meeting after the concert. After the festival, subscribed visitors have the privilege of voting for their favorite artist, allowing them to return the following year. Some programs are sometimes out of the ordinary, whether in the registers discussed or the very type of training. From solo to quartet, classical music allows itself the right to mix from time to time with jazz or tango influence ...

The festival does not forget the children it hopes to bring to love music. Each morning, they are invited to music and song workshops. The week ends with a show for parents.