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DEAUVILLE Salle Elie-de-Brignac> July 29 to August 11, 2021

"Read and play more music again". Closely linked to the Easter Festival by its youngest musicians, the August Musical allows them to play the masterpieces of music necessary for their musical development and their entry into the career.

The August Musical was created in 2002 by the founders of the Easter Festival to meet and present the most promising musicians and chamber ensembles of their generation. Since then, elders and cadets have met in summer for concerts where the most diverse chamber and instrumental works and chamber music alternate, from the classical period to the music of our time.

In nine rich and contrasting concerts, from baroque music to twentieth century masterpieces, the whole history of music is told, in concert in Deauville in the Elie de Brignac room and on the webradio of, the site providing free concerts and archives from all past festivals.


It brings together by cooptation all that is born or asserted, with a broad conception of the repertoire.

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