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DEAUVILLE Salle Elie-de-Brignac> July 29 to August 11, 2021

"Read and play more music again". Closely linked to the Easter Festival by its youngest musicians, the August Musical allows them to play the masterpieces of music necessary for their musical development and their entry into the career.

The August Musical was created in 2002 by the founders of the Easter Festival to meet and present the most promising musicians and chamber ensembles of their generation.

At this 20e edition, thirty-five young chamber musicians from three festival-going generations and twenty-five singers and musicians from La Chapelle Harmonique and La Tempête will explore in nine programs, rich and contrasting - between the Fables of La Fontaine de Clérambault and the Jerusalem of La Tempête - major works from the baroque, classical and romantic repertoire, as well as rarer works by Moulinié, Caix d'Hervelois, Schütz, Pierre Le Venerable, Pärt, Florentz, Taneïev, Vierne, Bowles or Lili Boulanger.

Two outstanding works by the last great living American composer, George Crumb, will be recorded live for B Records' “Deauville Live” collection: “Makrokosmos III” for two pianos and percussion, and “Black Angels” for electrified quartet. As part of the exhibition “On the paths of paradise” to the Franciscans, La Tempête, an exceptional vocal ensemble, will pay homage to Jerusalem, the flagship city of the three religions of the Book, with captivating masterpieces sung in Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Armenian, Greek, Persian… Fascinating!

The whole history of music in concert in Deauville and on the webradio, the site provides free concerts and archives of all past festivals.


Access to the Casino theater will be via Place du Casino only and will require the presentation of a health certificate (via the TousAntiCovid application or in paper format). Proof of identity in addition to the health certificate will also be required. Wearing a mask is compulsory inside the Casino and its theater.


It brings together by cooptation all that is born or asserted, with a broad conception of the repertoire.

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