Created in 2009 with the help of the E.Leclerc Cultural Spaces of Normandy, the Teen Prize is a literary prize intended for Norman students in the third and second classes. Each year, it rewards a book inspired by music.

Naiad Plant
Naiad Plant

At the start of each school year, four books are selected by the Adolescent Prize reading committee. This is made up of teachers and booksellers from Espaces Culturels E. Leclerc. Together, they ensure the diversity of genres and reading levels. The theme is always music: it inspires, rhythms, accompanies all the stories offered. The books - distributed in large numbers in the classes by the E.leclerc Cultural Centers, are read and worked on in class. Each student can then vote for their favorite book in the E. Leclerc Cultural Spaces.

The awards ceremony for authors normally takes place during the school day of the Books & Music Festival and brings together students and authors in the large auditorium of the Center International de Deauville. For the year 2021, it is being designed in digital format. From the Franciscans, the ceremony will be hosted by Gwenaëlle Lancelot and attended by 5400 students!

The Prize is endowed with 1 €. The winning book is promoted and sold in all Leclerc Cultural Spaces in France.

Follow the news of this award on the dedicated blog here.

Naiad Plant

The 2021 selection: 4 books inspired by music

Clementine Beauvais

Tender age

The President of the Republic having decided that all students must complete one year of civic service. Valentin is sent to a center for the elderly with Alzheimer's disease, in Pas-de-Calais, designed to resemble a village from the 1960s. His first mission seems quite simple: to write a letter to a resident who replied to a competition in a Salut les Copains of 1967, to tell him that, unfortunately, Françoise Hardy will not be able to come and sing in their city ...


Claire Fauvel

The night is my kingdom

Nawel, a 20 year old girl with a fiery temperament, created a rock band, with Alice, her best friend. Their studies lead them to Paris, where young girls face the full brunt of the cultural and social gap between Paris and the suburbs. Despite the difficulties, Nawel wants to conquer the capital. During a "young talents" festival, she meets Isak Olsen, a musician, with whom she immediately falls in love ...


Natael trapp

The 7 lives of Léo Belami

Léo, 17, a lonely young man with no fuss, counts the hours before the end of class. He is preparing for the high school party, organized this year in tribute to Jessica Stein, a student murdered thirty years earlier.
But when he wakes up the next morning, it is in the life of another, in the house of another ... in 1988.
Going back and forth between 1988 and 2018 in different bodies, Leo will do everything to prevent this murder and discover the identity of the killer.


Lisa Balavoine

A boy is almost nothing

A hospital room. White, walls, floor and ceiling. A window gives a glimpse of a sparse parking lot. Trauma service. A body in the bed. No movement to report. A girl is sitting in a metal chair. She's pretty, but something in his worried look. A girl is sitting and she is waiting. She's been waiting a long time. The boy's awakening.


Teen Award winners since its inception:
2020 Rachel Corenblit, A little closer to the stars, Bayard Jeunesse
2019 Nancy Guilbert and Marie Colot, Two seconds less, Magnard Jeunesse
2018: Sylvie Allouche, Stabat Murder, Éditions Syros
2017: Claire Loup, Run Billie, Éditions Gallimard Jeunesse
2016: Tristan Koëgel, Bluebird, Éditions Didier Jeunesse
2015: Vincent Brunner, Platinum, Flammarion Editions
2014: Nathalie Le Gendre, Listen to my heart beat, Flammarion Editions
2013: Yann Le Quellec & Romain Ronzeau, Love is in the air guitar, Éditions Delcourt
2012: Isabelle Duquesnoy, Constance fiancée de Mozart, Éditions Gallimard Jeunesse
2011: Christian Binet, Top of the Range, Dargaud Editions
2010: Paule du Bouchet, Chante Luna, Gallimard Youth Publishing
2009: Reinhard Kleist, Johnny Cash: a life (1932-2003), Éditions Dargaud

The Teen Prize in brief:
- 5 students registered against 400 in 5000 and as many books offered by the 2019 Leclerc Cultural Spaces in Normandy!
- around a hundred establishments in the 5 Normandy departments, from Cherbourg to Fécamp.


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