Ten years after celebrating the 150th anniversary, Deauville keeps taking this opportunity to promote time, meeting and sharing.

In 2010, Deauville inhabitants met and shared common values to celebrate the 150th anniversary. Several surprisingly dynamic activities and events were also organized to promote time - in the city and in life - through open-mindedness, innovation, audacity and, above all, the willingness to meet, discover and enjoy.
Since then, new relationships have been built between associations, event organizers, municipalities, individuals and companies. The 150th anniversary favoured a spirit of association through the development of common activities. Some events like the January 1st Bath have become real rituals. Other events keep growing like Planche(s) Contact, turned on that year into a must for several amateur and professional photographers.
Ten years later, Deauville is about to inaugurate two more facilities that will deeply transform this territory: the Franciscaines and the Presqu’île observation towers. These two facilities have something in common: they have always made part of the city and now, 160 years later, they acquire a new function in a city that keeps evolving to the future! After dedicating some time to meeting and sharing in 2010, the city is about to celebrate the 160th anniversary by inaugurating places that will make it flourish and keep renewing itself.