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Ten years after the 150th anniversary, the 160th anniversary of Deauville continues the dynamic of an exceptional anniversary which had made time, meeting and sharing its common thread.

In 2010, for the city's 150th anniversary, the Deauvillais adopted collective values ​​reinforced by an audit of the city: meeting and sharing. On the theme of time - all times of the city and of life - the adventure of the anniversary had worked wonderfully with the creation of multiple meetings and events, revealing an amazing dynamism, the taste for openness, innovation and daring and above all the desire to come together, to discover together, to celebrate.

Since then, a new relational mode has been set up, guiding everyone in their actions: association, event organizers, municipality, individuals, businesses ... the spirit of 150 years has inscribed in the territory ways of doing things, of s '' open to others, to promote meeting. Some events such as the January 1st Bath have now become rituals. Others continued to grow, like Planches Contact, created that year, which has become a leading festival that has welcomed a number of amateurs and professionals.

Ten years later, Deauville received two birthday gifts to mark its landscape, the Franciscans and the Lookouts of the Presqu'île. They have in common that they existed from the very beginning of the City and that they were open to the public, 160 years after their creation, with new functions in a city that looks to its future. After devoting meeting and sharing time in 2010, the anniversary of the city's 160th anniversary, in 2020, will dedicate the places where it can now flourish and renew itself again and again.

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