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The Prix des Ados has become an unmissable event for college and high school students from Normandy. Praised by students and teachers alike, discover the keys to the success of the 1er Teen literary prize in Normandy!

© Naïade Plante
© Naïade Plante

Created in 2009, the Prix des Ados is a joint initiative of the E. Leclerc Cultural Spaces of Normandy and the Books & Music Festival. The reading committee devotes its summer to the selection of four books whose common thread is music. From September, classes of 3st and 2nd register and receive a lot of books offered by Leclerc Cultural Spaces. During the school year, students explore the multiple universes of books and work on the selection, carry out written, video, musical, plastic projects ... then, in March, vote for their favorite book.

During the school day, a large ceremony to present the Prix des Ados, hosted by a literary journalist and alternating debates and musical sets, brings together the authors and 1600 young jurors from all over the region for the occasion. The ceremony for this anniversary edition will take place on Friday April 13, 2018 at 10 a.m. at the CID in Deauville.

The winner receives an endowment of € 1000 and their book benefits from a promotion campaign in all Leclerc Cultural Spaces in France.

Find the latest information on the Prix des Ados by consulting the blog here.

© Naïade Plante

The 2018 selection: 4 books inspired by music

Stabat Murder
(Syros Editions)
Lady Sir
(Glénat Editions)
When I grow up, I will be Nana Mouskouri
(Editions Anne Carrière)

(Editions Rageot)

Valentin, Matthis, Mia and Sacha have been studying the piano at the National Conservatory of Music for three years. Three years of perfectionism and relentlessness entirely focused on a competition that will determine their future. They are inseparable, understand each other better than anyone, but they are also in competition and are not normal adolescents. When, overnight, Valentin, Matthis, Mia and Sacha are all four missing, The Commissioner, Clara Di Lazio takes a closer look at their families ...

She is an actress, they are musician and cartoonist of comics. A priori, they didn't have much in common, but music brought them together. This album is the story of two meetings. First that of Rachida Brakni and Gaëtan Roussel and the birth of their new group "Lady Sir". Then that of the duo with Fred Bernard for the launch on April 14 of their first album: Accidently Yours. In the studio or at home, from Paris to Lisbon, the designer followed them, accompanied, interviewed their loved ones, to deliver, in text and images, the atypical and touching chronicles of a musical project that is no less so. .

From childhood, Snowy has ambitions that are surprising. In the playground, this funny little boy likes to play princess and make his friends his soldiers. He will also imagine a fate in the skin of an orange monster, the Casimir of Children's Island, before realizing that he is the most powerful queen in Egypt.
But when he is thirteen, a voice capsizes all his projects. That of Nana Mouskouri. It's decided: he will be that woman!

Moscow, October 1917. The First World War is raging and the reign of the Tsars has just ended, giving way to a provisional government deaf to the plight of the Russian people. While Lena, 17, joins the ranks of revolutionaries preparing for the insurgency, her twin sister Tatiana dreams of a career in theater.

Together they want to help build a new world. Together they want to conquer a new place there.














Teen Award winners since its inception:
2017: Claire Loup, Run Billie, Éditions Gallimard Jeunesse
2016: Tristan Koëgel, Bluebird, Éditions Didier Jeunesse
2015: Vincent Brunner, Platinum, Flammarion Editions
2014: Nathalie Le Gendre, Listen to my heart beat, Flammarion Editions
2013: Yann Le Quellec & Romain Ronzeau, Love is in the air guitar, Éditions Delcourt
2012: Isabelle Duquesnoy, Constance fiancée de Mozart, Éditions Gallimard Jeunesse
2011: Christian Binet, Top of the Range, Dargaud Editions
2010: Paule du Bouchet, Chante Luna, Gallimard Youth Publishing
2009: Reinhard Kleist, Johnny Cash: a life (1932-2003), Éditions Dargaud

The Prix des Ados 2018, in brief:
- 3 registered students and as many books offered by the 400 Leclerc Cultural Spaces in Normandy!
- 131 classes from 65 establishments in the 5 Normandy departments, from Cherbourg to Fécamp.
- A varied selection of 4 books talking about music
- A dozen meetings dedicated to teens during the school day
- A hundred questions asked of the authors!

Literary mobilization for the François Baclesse Center
On the occasion of this anniversary edition, the Espaces Culturels E. Leclerc - partner of the Prix des Ados since its creation - wish to associate with the awarding of the Prize a strong action in terms of transmission of culture.
The 1600 teenagers present on Friday April 13 are invited to come with the book of their choice that they liked or that marked their childhood, but especially that they want to share! Beforehand, they will have “prefaced” the work in order to personalize it. The books thus collected will be given to the center for the fight against cancer François Baclesse in Caen.