Friday, April 13 - A DAY IN SCHOOLS
The day of April 13th will be dedicated to students. They will be almost 3,000! Tens of workshops are proposed to students, from the nursery to the high school. Everything is prepared in advance through a close collaboration between teachers and authors. Year after year, these meetings have led to an unequalled cultural and pedagogical event.


© Naïade Plante
© Naïade Plante
© Naïade Plante

The Festival attracts students coming from all over Normandy; nothing to do with the prejudice about students no longer reading and just listening to ever-changing music.

The visible part of the iceberg reflects the work that has been done since the beginning of the school year. The music theme selected for the next edition of the Festival will be revealed in November. A first bibliographical research is done; then, social networks are activated to find the suitable speakers for each workshop. Then, authors are invited and a planning established according to the teachers’ requirements, the schedule, the availability of writers and places...a meticulous and titanic work.

Icing on the cake: all ages are concerned.

© Naïade Plante

Teenagers' Prize

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Music Show

Musica Maestro! Notes and sounds, composers and singers, instruments and sound effects, life retrospectives and dreams of famous or unknown musicians: through this graphic and fun album, Lionel Le Néouanic, member of the Chats Pelés (making all the album folders of the Têtes Raides), comes back to his first love: music!
How can we describe this show? The author proposes a clever mix of documentaries and fiction, but also various illustration techniques (volume illustration, drawing, painting) to obtain an amazing and joyful offer! Music vibrates while reading: we ear guitars squeaking and sax blowing.
Lionel Le Néouanic, accompanied by four more musicians, stages Coink! for the happiness of children. An original creation presented for the first time in Deauville!