Created in 1977, the "Tributes" are awarded to remarkable personalities of the American cinema.


Laura Dern
Actress & producer
Ultimate Lynch's muse, Laura Dern enlightens through her mysterious charm the works of this filmmaker: Blue Velvet in 1986, Wild at Heart – Palme d’or at the Cannes Festival in 1990 -, Inland Empire in 2006, and very recently the series titled Twin Peaks. Laura Dern, acting in over 60 films, has given her contribution to the works of directors such as Arthur Hiller, Steven Spielberg, Peter Bogdanovich or Robert Altman. Sublime in A perfect world by Clint Eastwood, she has recently performed in The Master by Paul Thomas Anderson, or in the series Big Little Lies. She will soon be on the bill with Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi. The American Film Festival pays tribute to her, in her presence.

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Jeff Goldblum
Actor & producer
Iconic figure of worldwide success films such as The Fly by David Cronenberg, Jurassic Park by Steven Spielberg, Independance Day by Roland Emmerich, or Annie Hall by Woody Hallen, Jeff Goldblum started his career under the auspices of directors such as Robert Altman, Philip Kaufman, John Landis, or Lawrence Kasdan, with whom he made some of his best films. Elegant and photogenic, he catches the eye of film makers understanding the beauty of his performances. Soon, he will be working with filmmaker Wes Anderson, lending his voice to the animation film Isle of Dogs, and will be on the bill of a new section of saga Jurassic World. The American Film Festival pays tribute to him, in his presence.

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Michelle Rodriguez
Discovered through the Deauville Festival in 2000, Michelle Rodriguez heats up the screen with a boxer role in Girlfight by Karyn Kusama. The Grand Prix awarded this year to the film made by Karyn Kusama was largely due to her sincere performance. The film and its actress represent a whole generation looking in search of emancipation, becoming a symbol of this fight. Michelle Rodriguez continued to perform roles of independent and strong women, real heroes of the cinema: in Fast and Furious by Rob Cohen, S.W.A.T by Clark Johnson, Resident Evil by Paul W.S. Anderson and Avatar by James Cameron. She will soon be on the bill with Widows, the new film of film director Steve McQueen, awarded with an Oscar. The American Film Festival pays tribute to her, in her presence.