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From July 28 to August 11 - Salle Elie de Brignac

Closely linked to the Easter Festival by its youngest musicians, the August Musical allows them to play, often for the first time in public, the musical masterpieces necessary for their musical development and their entry into the career.

Created in 2002, the August Musical Deauville allows musicians and ensembles involved since 1997 in the Easter festival to welcome their most promising cadets, like them passionate about chamber music.

In nine extremely varied and contrasting concerts, these young performers, the most prominent of the new European generation, invite us to an exciting exploration of their musical universe, from Claudio Monteverdi to Olivier Messiaen.

Since 1997, the Salle Elie de Brignac - with woody acoustics absolutely ideal for concerts, recordings from the Deauville live collection of the B Records label, France Music and France 3 recordings - is the epicenter of a musical project daring and generous to which its founders Renaud Capuçon, Jérôme Pernoo, Jérôme Ducros, Nicholas Angelich, Bertrand Chamayou, Jérémie Rhorer, David Kadouch, the Ebène quartet and so many others - have always remained faithful.

All the concerts of this August Musical like those of the last Easter festival will soon join the archives of the Deauville Easter and summer festivals, to listen to for free on watercolor music.

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